They’re just girls breaking hearts
Eyes bright, uptight, just girls.


I’ve always wondered if people did this when their song came on the radio- brendon urie’s vines literally make my day


ed sheeran - multiply era + videography so far 

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Audio from Deleted Scene The poem that Charlie reads at Secret Santa party to his friends

“That was the poem I read for Patrick. Nobody knew who wrote it, but Bob said he heard it before, and he heard that it was some kid’s suicide note. I really hope it wasn’t because then I don’t know if I like the ending”. The perks of being a Wallflower

MASSIVE Trigger Warning for this.
I remember when I read this poem in the book, it brought me to tears. Hearing it this time around made my tears more like waterfalls. As for the film itself, I can definitely understand why this scene would have been deleted (or at least, I don’t remember it being in the movie.)
It’s… pretty heavy stuff. Consider yourself warned.


When u feel really hot but look terrible in all your selfies